In loving memory of my dad

Matthew J. "Whitey" Prisby

January 14, 1924 - October 19, 2006

Our dad once said that he considered his life a failure because he was retired but did not have the money to be able to support his wife and pay the bills. He measured his life's worth in dollars and cents and felt he had let his wife and his family down. Our father's "greatness" could not be measured by the size of his bank account, for he possessed virtues that money cannot buy. He was a man of great character and strong principle wrapped in a sense of humor that touched all who knew him.

Our father understood and lived the word "duty". He served his country and worked jobs to support his family. The example he set showed the way for successful careers for his children. While there was never any extra money in his pockets, he always said that there were people who were worse off than we were and not to turn our backs on them. Though it was always a struggle to pay our bills he never failed to give to a stranger selling pencils or banging a tin cup on the sidewalk.

As for understanding what making a commitment meant to him, one need look no further than "until death do us part". Dad devoted almost sixty years to his wife, and although it was not always smooth sailing, he and mom always worked it out - a tribute to the faith and devotion he had to her and his family.

Finally, he wrapped it all up with his incredible sense of humor. On the last afternoon before his death at Good Samaritan Hospice, the nurses came in to bathe him. No sooner had they started, than he turned to one of them and said "you're a man mauler". He had another new audience and the show was on!

Dad faced his own death with a dignity and grace that made us proud and brought his family, his greatest wealth, closer together. We pray that God has judged his life on these virtues and has prepared a place for him in Heaven.

~written by matt prisby~

In facing death, you taught us all about how to live and re-taught us the meaning of family. There was not a single person you encountered that was not touched by your courage and never-ending sense of humor, not to mention your endless ATTITUDE!

We know that there will now be one more angel watching over us and he will probably be whistling Neil Diamond... off-key.

We love you, Dad! We will miss you and look forward to the day when we can all be together again.

Your loving children,
Adalie, Matt, Tessa, Bob, Lynn, Jeanne, John, Patty and Gary

Take off Eddie!

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