This is an Archive Gallery. All items displayed have been sold.  If you have Bush Prisby carvings that you wish to sell, please contact me.

  • Noah's Ark

    Noah's Ark

  • Americana Cow

    Americana Cow

  • Angel of Life

    Angel of Life

  • Angel With Trumpet

    Angel With Trumpet

  • B&W Pooch

    B&W Pooch

  • Black Stallion

    Black Stallion

  • Bird Tree

    Bird Tree

  • Bull


  • Cat & The Rat

    Cat & The Rat

  • Cigar Store Indian

    Cigar Store Indian

  • Cod Weathervane

    Cod Weathervane

  • Columbia


  • Cow With Rooster

    Cow With Rooster

  • Crow on Corn

    Crow on Corn

  • Dappled Horse

    Dappled Horse

  • Fancy Leaping Horse

    Fancy Leaping Horse

  • Fat Cow

    Fat Cow

  • The Fisherman

    The Fisherman

  • Five Star Rooster

    Five Star Rooster

  • Flying Cow With Birds

    Flying Cow With Birds

  • Flying Horse (Black)

    Flying Horse (Black)

  • Flying Horse (Red)

    Flying Horse (Red)

  • Fox Weathervane

    Fox Weathervane

  • Frog Prince

    Frog Prince

  • Giraffe


  • Giraffe With Stars

    Giraffe With Stars

  • Girl With Flowers

    Girl With Flowers

  • Goddess of Liberty

    Goddess of Liberty

  • Grazing Cow

    Grazing Cow

  • Hippo


  • Jumping Cat

    Jumping Cat

  • King Snake

    King Snake

  • Leaping Horse (red)

    Leaping Horse (red)

  • Liberty Top Hat

    Liberty Top Hat

  • Lion & Lamb

    Lion & Lamb

  • Milk & Cookies

    Milk & Cookies

  • Miss Liberty II

    Miss Liberty II

  • Moose


  • Noah's Ark

    Noah's Ark

  • Over The Moon

    Over The Moon

  • Painted Pony

    Painted Pony

  • Paisley Pooch

    Paisley Pooch

  • Paisley Pooch 4

    Paisley Pooch 4

  • Patriotic Pig

    Patriotic Pig

  • Picnic


  • Pig on Wheels

    Pig on Wheels

  • Pink Spotted Pig

    Pink Spotted Pig

  • Pink Spotted Pig

    Pink Spotted Pig

  • Pork & Beans

    Pork & Beans

  • Prancing Horse Pull Toy

    Prancing Horse Pull Toy

  • Primitive Horse

    Primitive Horse

  • Proud Pig

    Proud Pig

  • Queen Of Hearts

    Queen Of Hearts

  • Ram


  • Red Pony Pull Toy

    Red Pony Pull Toy

  • Reindeer Weathervane

    Reindeer Weathervane

  • Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse

  • Rocking Pig

    Rocking Pig

  • Rockin' Robin

    Rockin' Robin

  • Roly Poly Santa

    Roly Poly Santa

  • Running Hare

    Running Hare

  • Running Horse

    Running Horse

  • Scarecrow


  • Scroll Sheep

    Scroll Sheep

  • Sheep


  • Small Pig

    Small Pig

  • Solomon Bell Lion

    Solomon Bell Lion

  • Spot the Dog #9

    Spot the Dog #9

  • Spot the Dog Pull Toy

    Spot the Dog Pull Toy

  • Spotted Cow

    Spotted Cow

  • Standing Horse

    Standing Horse

  • Strolling Sheep

    Strolling Sheep

  • Top Hat Rabbit

    Top Hat Rabbit

  • Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam

  • Wild Pig

    Wild Pig

  • Zebra