Brought to you in no particular order, these are from long ago... I will be adding to this page from time to time.

some favorite lyrics snippets...

"i know it might be hard to believe
but the world is gonna have to proceed
without me right"
 ~ Without Me

"i play by all the rules
but i found out that she does not
the first time that she smiled i looked away
and she stole my heart"
 ~ Is This Love

"it's so dark on Heartbreak Street
his car on the road makes no sound"
 ~ Heartbreak

"i have tried and i have been on trial
i have won but it's in losing that i find that seat upon the aisle"
 ~ Golden Jewel

"picture your life as a single photograph behind the glass
inside a perfect frame.
does it reveal every tear
or every laugh
that ever came to your face?"
 ~ No Mystery

"i was once in new orleans
like a pinball shot down bourbon street..."
 ~ Old Times

"i never thought of anything that was worth remembering.."
 ~ Hard Lessons

concrete thought
this sidewalk
can't take me where
i want to go
but i won't tell my feet
as they seem
to enjoy the walking.


there's a hole in my life
since you've gone


i need you
cut the tail off a kite
and you'll see
where i'm coming from.


love forecast
count the stars tonite.
that's how much
i love you.

if it's cloudy
don't take it personally


please mr postman
i've unplugged my phone again
so i won't have to hear
you not calling me.


umbrella love
i sat in the rain
pretending every drop
was love
sent by you.

i got pretty wet
i called an umbrella
your love instead.


burned bridge
attempting to revive/repair/recover
an old relationship
i chose the only road i knew back
only to find
 * road closed
 * bridge out
 * no alernate route
 * detour > forever