Brought to you in no particular order, these are from long ago... I will be adding to this page from time to time.

some favorite lyrics snippets...

"i have tried and i have been on trial
i have won but it's in losing that i find that seat upon the aisle"
 ~ Golden Jewel

"picture your life as a single photograph behind the glass
inside a perfect frame.
does it reveal every tear
or every laugh
that ever came to your face?"
 ~ No Mystery

"i was once in new orleans
like a pinball shot down bourbon street..."
 ~ Old Times

"i never thought of anything that was worth remembering.."
 ~ Hard Lessons

there's a hole in my life
since you've gone


i need you
cut the tail off a kite
and you'll see
where i'm coming from.


concrete thought
this sidewalk
can't take me where
i want to go
but i won't tell my feet
as they seem
to enjoy the walking.


love forecast
count the stars tonite.
that's how much
i love you.

if it's cloudy
don't take it personally


please mr postman
i've unplugged my phone again
so i won't have to hear
you not calling me.


umbrella love
i sat in the rain
pretending every drop
was love
sent by you.

i got pretty wet
i called an umbrella
your love instead.


burned bridge
attempting to revive/repair/recover
an old relationship
i chose the only road i knew back
only to find
 * road closed
 * bridge out
 * no alernate route
 * detour > forever